Experience Design Leader & Speaker

I'm a multi-faceted, hands-on design leader in Charlotte with over a decade of experience.

I founded and led a creative agency, led top accounts at Red Ventures, and helped transform product design at AIG by establishing their global design system. I now help drive design strategy and lead client engagements for the Experience Design practice at Slalom in Charlotte.

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Case Studies

Design System


I spent over 18 months leading a team to establish AIG's global design system & digital standards.
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AIG / 2018-2019
Mobile App


I co-facilitated two design sprints in London to produce the pilot of a broker-facing iOS app.
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AIG / 2018
Visual Design

Private Client Group

I helped establish the visual design language for AIG's Private Client Group.
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AIG / 2018
Website Redesign


I led the overall redesign of frontier.com & Frontier's 1st ever digital cart experience.
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Red Ventures / 2017